Company Profile

Anio Oil and Gas Sh.a. ANIO is an emerging company founded in 2014 and focused on production and marketing of crude oil and natural gas in Albania.

Previously the company succeeded the activity of import and export, wholesaling and retailing of petroleum, natural gas, fuels, biofuels and other similar substances, in accordance with the legislation in force and licenses issued by the authorities designated by law. Anio is one of the few companies in Albania licensed from Energy Regulatory Body for trading natural gas.

From May 2018, Anio holds the rights to develop and produce petroleum in Ballsh-Hekal oilfield, based on the exclusive license from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy. This license if approved by the Albanian Government through Council of Ministers Decision No. 509/7. The license is valid until 2032 with a possibility of extension up to 2037.

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